Smart Solar Lights

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light is an innovative, modern and multi-functional lighting solution powered by renewable energy sources.

Made from high quality components, EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light will illuminates streets, parks, parking lots, corporate and university campuses and it will create appealing and modern visual environments that will not just promote renewable energy sources, but also lower your installation, energy and maintenance bills.

“Disclaimer : Kinetic pads for Smart Solar Lights are no longer in production for commercial use.”

Smart Solar Bench

EnGoPLANET’s Smart Solar Benches are new urban furniture that will help cities, universities, retail or business centers to create better and more safer and user friendly environments.

Powered by solar energy, Smart Bench will provide many cool features.

Each Smart Solar Bench is equipped with LED lighting,charging station, and a WiFi connection.
Each unit can be equipped with smart sensors that will collect and measure many valuable outdoor data such as air quality, temperature, humidity…

EnGoPlanet Smart Bench provides free charging option with 4 USB ports and 2 Wireless charging pads that support all phones with that feature, including new iPhone 8 and X.